Helical Wire manufactures tooling for all aspects of the installation process. From initial drilling to gauging the final installation, Helical Wire is your comprehensive source for all aspects of the thread insert process. All tools conform to the highest standards required by the industry and are available in all standard, metric and special sizes.

  • Drills and taps for a range of materials
  • Thread gauges for correct hole size verification – Bolt Type and Captive Sleeve
  • Tang Break-off tools
  • Extraction tools for standard, metric and custom sizes
  • Electronic and Pneumatic Power Tools

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Helical Wire makes it easy to locate the products you require. Our comprehensive database locates the Helical Wire equivalent of other major manufacturer’s inserts within seconds. Simply enter an MSA (Military Standard number) or your current provider’s part number and a Helical Wire comparable will be displayed. You can also browse the Helical Wire catalog.

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Although we maintain a large inventory of commonly used inserts and finishes, we also custom manufacture based on size, material and finish requirements. And, because we understand time is of the essence, our unsurpassed lead times means your custom order will usually ship within two weeks of receipt.


Each and every order fulfilled at Helical Wire is accompanied by comprehensive, complimentary certification. While other companies only provide this documentation when requested, and for a fee, Helical Wire understands OEMs and distributors require documents such as ISO certification and melting source to maintain current files. This certification ships with every order at no additional charge. Click on the samples below for the type of certification you will receive from Helical Wire, Inc. .


Helical Wire inserts are available in a variety of plated finishes to accommodate virtually every application. All of the materials used in our manufacturing processes are of the highest standard for strength and durability. Ranging from non-magnetic to heat resistant and anti-corrosive, we have the finish you need to ensure permanent, wear resistant screw threads.