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Welcome to Helical Wire, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of screw thread inserts and accompanying tooling. Since 1972, we’ve built a reputation on being the most reliable, high quality source for government agencies and OEMs in a multitude of industries around the globe. Our helical wire inserts provide permanent, wear-resistant screw threads to help guarantee the fastening is secure. Virtually every aspect of today’s high-tech world depends on Helical Wire, including aerospace, aeronautics, military, technology, vehicles, medical equipment and renewable energy – anywhere a secure fastener is needed.

From the day of our founding, Helical Wire has set, and raised, the bar for the industry’s lead times and for providing certification with every order, absolutely free of charge. Our team of knowledgeable, helpful customer service representatives provide unparalleled support.


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Easy Installation Process

There are essentially four steps involved in a helical wire installation:

Step 1: Drill the hole

Step 2: Tap the drilled hole to create threads

Step 3: Load an insert into a hand installation tool and install

Step 4: Break of the tang mechanism

The hole is now ready for permanent, secure joining