Helical Wire’s most current product catalog is available as a download here. You can also access our Cross-Reference database to locate the Helical Wire equivalent of other major manufacturer’s inserts within seconds. Simply enter your current provider’s part number to the right and a Helical Wire comparable will be displayed.
Please enter a Military Standard number, or your existing supplier’s part number, into the Helical Wire cross-reference database to locate the Helical Wire equivalent product.

HelicalWire MS/MAEQUIV Heli-Coil/1 Recoil Alcoa Kato
1024L0190 MS21209C1-10 3585-3CN0190 13602 209C1-0190 TLC-3C-0190
1024L0190B MS21209C1-10B 3585-3BN0190 13602PB 709C1-0190
1024L0190L MS21209C1-10L 3585-3CNW0190 13602D L209C1-0190 TLC-3C-0190W
1024L0190P MS21209C1-10P 3585-3CNY0190 13602C C209C1-0190 TLC-3C-0190Y
1024L0190S MS21209C1-10S 3585-3CN0190S 13602SF S209C1-0190 TLC-3C-0190SF
1024L0190V MS21209C1-10V 3585-3CNV0190 13602AG V209C1-0190
1024L0190X MS21209C1-10X 3585-3TN0190 13602X 909C1-0190
1024L0220 MS21209C1-0220 3585-3CN0220 209C1-0220 TLC-2C-0220
1024L0285 MS21209C1-15 3585-3CN0285 13603 209C1-0285 TLC-3C-0285
1024L0285B MS21209C1-15B 3585-3BN0285 13603PB 709C1-0285