Helical Wire Launches New Educational Marketing Campaign

Carson City, NV – Helical Wire’s new marketing campaign educates about the importance of high quality, reliable fasteners not only involved in the manufacturing process but also applications such as military aircraft carriers.

The marketing campaign reinforces Helical Wire’s ability to quickly deliver orders for helical wire inserts and related tooling and is featured in trade publications including American Fastener Journal and Distributors Link.

“These new ads are based on actual events experienced by our customers,” shared Chris Salinas, Chief Executive Officer of Helical Wire. “All too often we receive calls from manufacturing lines that are at a complete standstill because of a single fastener. In those instances, we are honored to be the solution to a very costly problem. Ensuring a safe, reliable joining solution to keep our customers up and running is the foundation upon which Helical Wire is built.”

About Helical Wire: Helical Wire, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Screw Thread Inserts and related Tooling based in the United States. Since 1972, distributors, Government Agencies and OEMs have relied on our extensive selection of quality components. Our product lines include both standard and metric inserts with a variety of materials and plating finishes—all of which can be delivered quickly without minimum line items and at very competitive prices. Our delivery times are the best in the industry.

Helical Wire Ad 2wire inserts

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